General Cleaning


Four Rooms – $99   $89 Best Value

Five Rooms – $115

Six Rooms – $135

Seven Rooms – $155

Eight Rooms – $175

**add $20/ each additional room

General cleaning of each room includes:

Kitchen: Outside of all appliances, outside of cabinets, countertops and backsplash cleaned, sink cleaned and sanitized, inside of microwave, window sills dusted, wastebasket emptied, floors swept and mopped.

Bathroom: Tub/shower cleaned and sanitized, tile behind tub cleaned, inside and outside of toilet, window sills, sink cleaned and sanitized, countertops cleaned, cabinets wiped down, mirrors cleaned, floor swept and mopped, lamps and light fixtures dusted, wastebaskets emptied.

Family, dining, living rooms: dust all furniture and ledges, dust all pictures and knick knacks, clean all glass surfaces and mirrors, window sills cleaned, light fixtures dusted,  vacuum and / sweep and mop floors.

Bedrooms: dust all furniture, knick knacks, and pictures, make bed, dust light fixtures, clean window sills, clean mirrors, vacuum and or sweep and mop floors.

**We do not organize closets, clothing, paper work, etc. Due to the fact that we don’t know what you want to keep or get rid of and we will not be responsible for getting rid of an item that you wanted to keep. Please have the rooms that will be  cleaned free of clothing, clutter, debris, etc. on the floors and furniture so that we may do our jobs thoroughly. If this is not done in advance other charges may apply. Thank You.**

**This cleaning is offered as a one time service for the prices listed above or as a regular housekeeping service for the following prices:

Four Rooms                           Five Rooms                            Six Rooms

Weekly—$65                          Weekly—$70                          Weekly—$80

Bi-Weekly—$70                     Bi-Weekly—$75                    Bi-Weekly—$85

Monthly—$89                         Monthly—$95                         Monthly—$100

Seven Rooms                         Eight Rooms                          Nine Rooms

Weekly—$90                          Weekly—$100                          Weekly—$110

Bi-Weekly—$95                     Bi-Weekly—$105                     Bi-Weekly—$115

Monthly—$105                       Monthly—$115                       Monthly—$130

*All prices above are based on signing of a 3 MONTH CONTRACT.  New customers will sign a 3 month contract for either a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.  If you would like to have a monthly cleaning a signing of a 6 MONTH CONTRACT is required.